Customer first

Our objective is to improve our customers’ experience. In our service culture, we ensure that the customer comes first by using concrete actions that increase interaction with customers, improve the quality of our customer encounters and ensure that we take care of customer matters all the way to the end.

Customer first is one of our three strategic development programmes aimed to improve our service. The idea behind the name of the programme reflects the core of the change in our corporate culture.

New kinds of encounters

During the reporting year, we approached our customers more actively and in new ways. We held the “Unelmien kesäkaupunkikoti” (“Dream summer house in the city”) competition and went to shopping centres in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku, and Tampere, and at the Helsinki railway station to talk to people. and installation tasks in their apartments.

We are looking for new ways to be closer to our customers.

Our customer service is appreciated

Starting from 2009, our Contact centre has handled calls, emails and Facebook messages sent to SATO, as well as the chat service at During the reporting year, our Contact centre handled a total of 110,800 calls and 24,500 emails. In addition, it received some 6,000 chat and 4,200 Facebook messages. SATO's Contact centre was the fourth best developer and the tenth best customer service centre in the SN4 Customer's Voice competition. The results were based on feedback received from more than 520,000 customers.

The service experience of our customers is our number one priority. Home is important to people and close to their hearts, and we want to serve them accordingly.

Queries related to building management and maintenance have previously been forwarded directly to the service channels of our partners. To make it easier for our customers to contact us, our Contact centre will be changed in the spring of 2017 so that customer queries will be mainly forwarded to SATO's Contact centre. Our customer service employees will be in charge of solving our customers' problems all the way, even though concrete actions will still be performed by our partners. Our customer service employees will be trained to serve our customers in more ways through all of our service channels.

The NPS of our telephone service was 67.

Customer driven service model

To improve our residence-related services, we have developed a new housing and maintenance service model. We will organise our operations according to our customers’ needs. This will create new customer service roles that involve areas such as building management services, that have previously been acquired from external suppliers. To implement this change, we will recruit more than 30 new employees. Our new service model will be adopted during spring 2017.