More than just walls

Our aim is to ensure that SATO has a long-term partnership with its customers, offering more than just walls. Our starting point in developing customer relationships is to make the everyday lives of our customers easier and to support their wellbeing.

To continuously improve the customer experience, we have launched our MySATO strategic development programme. Its objective is to use digital channels to offer not only an apartment, but also easy and affordable living, as well as experiences and opportunities to be a part of their community.

Easy living

SATO's customers have access to a free high-speed broadband connection in buildings owned by SATO and other benefits related to everyday housing and living at special prices. In 2016, our benefits included a low-cost electricity agreement based on renewable energy and discounts on cleaning and moving services, as well as on the installation of dishwashers and washing machines. Our objective is to widen our range of benefits that make everyday purchases easier.

The NPS went up by 2 percentage points.

Smaller and larger experiences

From tennis schools to meet ups in the home building, from the Korkeasaari Zoo event in Helsinki to a singing event in Turku – during the reporting year, our customers had many opportunities to participate in wonderful events.

The tennis school offered to children living in SATO buildings was a new experiment which turned out to be an unforgettable experience for children. Some of the children who took part in the course have continued to play tennis and even gotten their family members excited about the sport.

The large customer event held at Korkeasaari Zoo in the autumn gathered nearly 1,000 customers together. In other locations, we offered summer theatre and cinema events to our customers. We handed out film tickets to our long-term and active residents.

Kaija Westén, Tapaninkylä, Helsinki. SATO's tenant since 2001.

The events organized by SATO are a nice bonus. It's a sign that customers are being looked after.



Digital services

In March, more than 2,700 customers used the new opportunity offered to our customers to sign their lease agreement in electronic format.

The first development phase of MySATO is the FindAHome service intended for apartment-seekers. It allows customers to get more experiences from finding a new home, and the service will work better in a mobile environment. We will add a search alert function, the possibility to independently update personal data and an easy way to continue the search process after an interruption. The FindAHome service will be launched in spring 2017.

We changed our customer communications by opening, an interactive digital channel, alongside the Kotona customer magazine. It contains housing-related content and messages our customers have posted on social media. In 2017, we will no longer publish the Kotona magazine in print format, and we will adopt faster ways to communicate to our customers.

In the next phases of our OmaSATO development programme, we will increase our services and the ways in which our residents can contact us. In autumn, we started to plan an online customer panel, to which we will invite our residents to take part in our service development following the co-creation principle. Our aim is to build a permanent forum where we can, together with our customers, create and test development ideas.