We will find a new home for our customers

Effective rental activities ensure that we can quickly find a new home for our customers. Rental services are mainly offered by SATO's rental offices. In addition, SATO’s electronic channels make finding a home easy for customers.

Demand for rental apartments

During the reporting year, demand for rental apartments was high. We signed a total of nearly 11,000 lease agreements as a result of the increased number of apartments, showing a growth of roughly 10 per cent from the year before.

SATO's customers showed the highest demand for one bedroom apartments, with studios and two bedroom apartments following close behind.

26% of the rental agreements were signed digitally.

Customer needs leading the way

Expectations set for housing have changed and diversified. Our objective is to set up long-term customer relationships, which is why we identify the wishes of every customer in order to find the best possible home.

In the spring 2017, we will launch the new FindAHome service on our website. Using the service our customers can quickly and easily find their dream home.

Making changing an apartment easy for SATO's customers

During the year, roughly 2,000 contractual customers moved from one SATO apartment to another. Our aim is to make the moving process as quick and flexible as possible. We are improving our services to make the changing apartments even easier.

Customer feedback: Moving from one apartment to another has been easy with SATO.


Rental activities in Finland 2016 2015
Average rent of apartments, EUR/m²/month,
at the end of the review period
16.47 16.39
Financial occupancy rate, % 95.6 96.4
Tenant turnover, % 40.5 41.1