Diverse housing solutions

Through urbanisation, cities will be more compact and home to more people. People with different cultural backgrounds and values will move in to urban centres. As trends are changing cities and people, housing must also be able to change. We want to do our part to support the vitality of cities and the wellbeing of people by enriching the range of apartments.

The objective of our strategic development programme aimed at innovating diverse housing solutions is to create new housing options, with which we can better take account of individual needs.

76 years of housing development

We have been engaged in the development of cities, as well as housing, throughout our history, and SATO has built more than 220,000 apartments in Finland. This figure comprises nearly 10 per cent of Finland's entire housing stock. We have produced and acquired SATO RentHomes since the 1990s and, now, their volume covers approximately 3 per cent of all rental apartments in Finland.

One out of every ten apartments in Finland are built by SATO.

We have launched new forms of housing in the markets for each need of society. Our most recent concepts are the furnished SATO HotelHome for temporary housing, and the compact SATO StudioHome and the SATO IdealHome for affordable housing.

Reshaping the concept of housing

When it comes to the development of housing solutions, our focus is on solutions that are affordable. Within the current framework of regulation on the construction of apartments and taxes imposed on housing, it is challenging, but not impossible, to reduce living costs. When it comes to innovating affordable solutions,

A new type of communal living

SATO StudioHome is a new housing solution enabling communal living. We are able to offer affordable apartments by reducing the volume of private space and increasing that of shared space. This concept was developed together with young upper secondary school students during a Safari camp and with the innovation team representing SATO's personnel. We started to plan communal services at our pilot site together with future residents before the building is completed in autumn 2017.

Modular apartment solutions

We have developed the SATO IdealHome concept which is based on modular solutions. The first pilot site to use the concept is under planning in Vantaa. We will apply the experience obtained from the pilot site to the further design of modular apartments.

Complementary construction

Complementary construction offers means to promote urbanisation and modernise existing residential areas. New apartments allow residents to update their level of housing in a familiar area.

Extensive cooperation

When developing new concepts and services, we examine trends, engage our personnel to create ideas and plans, and work with our customers and students. We seek suitable partners at an early stage to ensure win-win situations. During the preparation phase, we present our concepts to the authorities and decision-makers in order to obtain the opinions of all parties concerned in order to create good housing solutions.