34. Collateral, commitments and contingencies

31 Dec 2016 31 Dec 2015
Mortgages and pledges for secured borrowings

Secured borrowings
1,183.1 1,232.5
Pledges and mortgages provided, fair value
1,669.1 1,715.9

Guarantees for others

Shared ownership apartment purchase commitments
14.9 31.0
3.9 4.1

Mortgages provided to secure payment of rent and street maintenance

Property mortgages provided
5.8 5.8

Binding purchase agreements

For acquisitions of investment properties
121.2 151.2
Pledges for land use payments on zoned plots
4.2 7.3
Commitments to cleaning and removal charges
0.0 2.5
Letters of intent on land for which there is a zoning condition
34.0 5.2
Housing companies which hold so-called shared ownership apartments are treated as structured entities, which are established for a fixed period, and are not included in the consolidation. On the reporting date, the loans of such housing companies included in the shared ownership systems, totalled EUR 47.4 (68.2) million.