Proactive risk management and internal auditing are parts of SATO's sustainable operating principles. Our decision-making complies with ethical guidelines, and diversity is taken into account when selecting members of the Board of Directors.

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Sustainable operating principles

Our operating principles are based on legislation and our values and guidelines. In 2016, we prepared our new Code of Conduct together with our personnel.


Risk management

The purpose of risk management is to advance the fulfilment of SATO's strategic and business objectives. We annually identify any risks that may prevent key objectives from being fulfilled.


Corporate governance statement

Our governance is based on Finnish legislation and SATO’s articles of association.


Remuneration statement

Remuneration paid to the members of the Board of Directors is resolved by the company's shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.


Board of Directors

The general meeting elects between five and nine members of the Board of Directors and one member of the Board of Directors to serve as Chair of the Board.


Corporate Management Group

The Corporate Management Team deals with all key issues for the management of the Group and implements the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Corporate Management Group convenes once a week. 



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