Corporate Governance Statement

The governance of SATO Corporation (hereinafter “SATO" or “the Company”) is based on Finnish legislation and SATO’s articles of association. The Company also complies with the Corporate Governance Code 2015, issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association. The Corporate Governance Code is available on the website of the Finnish Securities Market Association

SATO’s shares are not publicly listed. SATO has issued corporate bonds, which are listed on the Finnish or Irish stock exchanges, and the Company complies with their rules and regulations for listed bonds as well as the Securities Markets Act and the regulations of supervisory authorities. SATO's home exchange is the Nasdaq Helsinki.

SATO draws up its consolidated financial statements and interim reports in accordance with international, IFRS reporting standards approved in EU. The report of the Company’s Board of Directors and the parent company’s financial statements have been drawn up in accordance with Finnish accounting legislation. An independent external appraiser gives a statement about the values of SATO's housing portfolio and building land inventory and the appropriateness of the methods used to assess them.

This report is being published separately from the annual report of the Board of Directors.


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