SATO’s annual report is also a sustainability report produced in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. The content of this report is based on a dialogue with our stakeholders which aims to identify the aspects that our stakeholders consider to be important in our business operations in terms of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

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Reporting principles

SATO's reports have been prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines (Core) and the Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement (CRESS) to GRI G4.



Material aspects and boundaries

SATO's sustainability and materiality assessment are based on the key objectives of our stakeholder groups, and SATO's strategic goals and sustainability policy. SATO's materiality matrix defines the framework of GRI reporting and the key figures to be reported.



Sustainability goals and fulfilment

We have set our goals and planned our sustainability activities in terms of financial, social and environmental sustainability. In addition, we want to continuously develop our sustainability through a variety of development goals.



Sustainability concepts

The key figures representing the energy efficiency of SATO's apartments and other concepts used in the report are available here.



Key sustainability figures

Our key sustainability figures represent energy and water consumption in our apartments, the volume and distribution of household waste, as well our personnel distribution and turnover, and the amount of training our personnel engage in.



GRI index

The report presents the General Standard Disclosures of GRI G4 Guidelines, as well as the Specific Standard Disclosures consisting of descriptions of management practices and indicators of aspects identified as material for SATO.



Assurance report

Our sustainability report has been confirmed by an independent external party in terms of key figures of environmental sustainability. The GRI G4 reporting guidelines was used as the assurance criteria.




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