Reporting principles

SATO’s annual report is also a corporate sustainability report produced in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines. The previous GRI report was produced for 2015, and the 2015 indicators are shown next to the indicators for the reporting year. Any changes in the earlier reported information are shown in connection with the figures and factual contents.

SATO’s sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines (Core). In addition, the sector-specific guidelines of GRI G4 for the construction and real estate sector are applied. The report presents the General Standard Disclosures of GRI G4 Guidelines, as well as the Specific Standard Disclosures consisting of descriptions of management approach and indicators of aspects identified as material for SATO.

At the request of SATO’s management, KPMG Oy Ab has performed the independent third party assurance of our sustainability report 2016. The environmental sustainability information subject to the assurance includes the following:

  • Key figures presented in the “Environment” table
  • Key figures G4-EN29 and G4-EN32 presented in the “SATO GRI G4 index”

We have decided to adopt integrated reporting (IR). The transition will be made in stages over the next few years. Integrated reporting has been applied in the 2016 annual report to the description of value creation, the business model and operational impacts.

The corporate responsibility management is described in closer detail on SATO's website at The material aspects, on which this report is based, are available under Material aspects and boundaries and the GRI index is available under GRI index.