SATO's impact

SATO is an enabler of urbanisation, an employer and a sustainable lessor which offers safe and high-quality housing. Energy efficiency and our residents play a significant role in achieving our environmental goals.

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Materiality analysis

Our sustainability is guided by our strategy, sustainability policy and the themes which we have evaluated to be material on the basis of discussions with our stakeholders.


SATO's sustainability

Sustainable and profitable business produces value for our stakeholders. Rental apartments and new investments in growth centres enable sustainable urbanisation and growth in business life.



We aim to provide good housing for people living in cities. We offer a broad range of apartments for various needs.



We are building a new kind of service culture with the help of good management and personnel engagement.



We select suppliers that are able to produce value and good customer experiences to our customers.



We have reduced housing-related emissions by improving our energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of water and by improving waste handling and recycling options in our buildings.



We take care of the financial sustainability of our operations and bear responsibility for our financial impact on our stakeholders and society.



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