Strength from a network

Traditionally, the role of the owner has been limited to offering the apartment and providing maintenance-related services. SATO has decided to revolutionise this tradition and provide its customers with housing which includes more than these. For this, we need varied cooperation with suppliers of products and services.

We select suppliers that are able to produce value and good customer experiences to our customers.

Supplier selections

We make sure that each supplier has a sufficient capacity and capability to achieve quality and schedule goals, with the right kind of service attitude. Sustainable operating methods in terms of the working environment, safety and the environment are key factors. To prevent the grey economy, we only accept companies registered in the (reliable partner) service as our service providers. When we select suppliers through bidding processes, we evaluate offers on the basis of our goals and the specific service and/or product. We also analyse the level of supervision, reporting and delivery of potential suppliers. The number and schedule of evaluations are affected by the size and duration of the delivery.

In autumn 2016, we started to audit our contractual suppliers to comprehensively evaluate their processes and current state. On the basis of these audits, we prepare score cards for suppliers, including a description of the current state and any proposals for improvements. During the reporting year, we audited 50 suppliers, and we will increase this figure in 2017.

We started to audit our contractual suppliers.

Property maintenance

The purpose of property maintenance services, such as building management, maintenance and cleaning, is to build and maintain comfort in our buildings and properties. SATO has ordered these tasks from specialised service providers. Over the past two years, the building management of SATO's residential buildings has been centralised to a single service provider, and property maintenance has been assigned to many different providers.

Together with our building management partner, we have developed a management model with indicators to monitor customer service, energy use and cost efficiency. Indicators that best measure the level of operations and offer the most encouragement have been entered in building management and maintenance agreements. Under SATO's guidance, our long-term cooperation has been developed to better respond to the needs of our residents. However, there is still room for improvement in our service processes.

Our strategy was updated during the reporting year to focus on the continuous improvement of the customer experience. Because the building manager has a significant impact on this experience, we have decided to shift building management activities to our personnel during spring 2017. Our aim is to improve customer satisfaction through a whole new service attitude.

We have decided to bring back building management to be operated in-house.

New and renovated apartments

SATO's new and renovated apartments need to be able to respond to the quality concepts of our customers, and be sustainable and easy to maintain. As part of the quality assurance process of new apartments, SATO's worksites adopted internal audits during the reporting year to standardise the level of quality, regardless of the contractor, and to identify any defects and to take corrective action. This procedure supplements worksite supervision.

We will audit the quality of apartment repairs using spot checks. The repairs to be audited have been ordered from SATO's contractual contractors. We will prepare six-month summary reports on all spot checks, and their results will have an impact on fees paid to contractors.

Internal worksite auditing supplements supervisory activities.

Services that enrich living

We will introduce products and services that make everyday life easier along our with apartment and property maintenance services, and we will improve social living for our residents. We will establish a service network, consisting of members of our current network, new service providers and residents.