Engaged personnel as a strength

SATO aims to produce value for its customers through an entire new service culture. This culture is built with the help of good management and personnel engagement. Dedication comes from straightforward objectives, meaningful work, the strength of the working community and a sense of pride for a job well done.

We at SATO believe in our readiness and in the ability of our colleagues to exceed all expectations, and we are committed to maintaining a high level of quality in everything we do.

Understandable objectives

During the reporting year, all employees were engaged in revising SATO's strategy. Strategic themes were prepared in different teams and, during the SATO summer event, the entire personnel worked these themes into future concepts, some of which will be included in our strategic development programmes. By working together, we wanted to gather the expertise of every individual as part of our strategic work and have everyone engaged in our common goals. Once SATO's strategy had been approved, its various aspects were discussed at events held for supervisors and at a full personnel meeting.

Different units discuss the importance of the strategy on their functions and tasks. Unit-specific and personal goals are derived from strategic objectives. The goals and their fulfilment are reviewed in performance appraisals held regularly and at least twice a year. According to survey results, SATO employees are more aware of the company's goals and values than the reference norm.

Meaningful work

Personnel surveys show that SATO employees consider their work to be meaningful. SATO employees are happy with their tools and the support their employer shows towards professional learning. Furthermore, SATO employees see that their work is useful and important for the company. There is a significant difference compared with reference companies. These results place the company in a good position to build a whole new service culture.



Strength from the working community

In recent years, SATO has offered more opportunities to its personnel to be engaged and take initiative. SATO employees present current topics in monthly morning coffee sessions and personnel training sessions held twice a year. All employees work on strategic themes at the company's SATO summer event, and units and different inter-unit teams prepare action plans. During the reporting year, we opened a new initiative portal, through which our employees can better follow the progression of their innovation proposals. Our aim is to improve engagement opportunities even further by preparing changes beforehand in closer cooperation with the personnel.

The personnel survey's response rate was 96%.

The personnel and employer representatives meet regularly to discuss matters related to occupational safety. During the reporting year, the occupational safety committee convened 3 times. The Tarmo group, consisting of representatives selected by the management and personnel, convened 5 times. The Tarmo group focuses extensively on themes related to wellbeing at work and raised by the personnel. 7 per cent of the personnel working in Finland took part in the activities of the occupational safety committee and the Tarmo group.

Pride over our work and SATO

SATO encourages its employees to learn and grow in their work. In 2016, SATO's employees took part in roughly five training days on average. Common training themes were related to new tools which can especially be used in remote working and for sustainability. We offered one day of sustainability training. On average, our employees spent roughly two days per person on external training. SATO supports learning at work by offering opportunities to switch jobs inside the company. During the reporting year, seven employees switched jobs within the company.

To be proud of their work, SATO employees expect to receive regular feedback. Because these expectations were not met in full, we will increase performance appraisal guidelines and supervisory training.

5 training days per person.

We gave jobs to young people

SATO also continued its long summer tradition by recruiting young people of 16 to 18 years of age living in SATO homes to perform gardening and other outdoor tasks. We offered these jobs in areas in order to engage young people in the maintenance of their neighbourhood. In total, SATO employed 23 summer employees during the reporting year.

Development will continue in 2017

We will develop capabilities for engaging our personnel by targeting our development activities toward the most significant factors: commitment, management and organisational performance at personal work level, team cooperation level and the entire company level.


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