SATO has a social licence

Sustainable and profitable business produces value for our stakeholders. Rental apartments and new investments in growth centres enable sustainable urbanisation and growth in business life. We promote good housing for individuals and develop sustainability improving preconditions in real estate associations and development projects, and offer our expertise to the use of decision-makers in society.

SATO homes offer safety and security

SATO is a reliable and professional long-term lessor. Our broad range of rental apartments serves our customers in their changing situations and enables life-long housing solutions. Our aim is to continuously improve the SATO customer experience and develop our operations. We monitor the level of customer experience in service quality in different situations and aim to engage our customers in cooperation to improve the enjoyment of our residents. With regard to rental relationships, we comply with the Good rental practice guideline prepared in cooperation between Finnish Tenants, the Finnish Landlord Association, the Finnish Real Estate Federation and RAKLI, the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients.

Meaningful work

Competent employees committed to common goals play an important part in our ability to reach our objectives. We monitor our employee satisfaction through a personnel satisfaction survey and performance appraisals.

Work for the supply chain

SATO's business model is based on a large network of suppliers. The employment impact of our network is approximately 3,260 person work years. During the reporting year, we developed the evaluation of our employment impact to cover all investments, maintenance and upkeep services, as well as other purchased services. In addition to the direct employment impact, the evaluation focused on other indirect impacts. For example, the indirect impacts of construction and renovations on the construction industry and building services were evaluated in addition to the direct impact of construction sites. See Sustainability concepts and key figures for more information about the evaluation of employment impact.

During the reporting year, we started to audit the quality of major suppliers and construction sites in order to verify the quality of customer service and deliveries.

SATO's employment impact over 3,400 person work years.

  Direct and indirect employment impact / person work years
Investments in construction and renovations 2,400
Maintenance and upkeep services 720
Other purchased services 140
SATO's personnel 170
Total 3,430

Respecting the environment

Investments in new buildings are usually made close to good transportation routes to reduce the environmental load during the use of these buildings. We are continuously monitoring energy consumption in our properties in order to identify any possibilities to reduce consumption and to launch necessary measures.

Transparent reporting

We want to be a competitive and sustainable investment object to investors. We communicate and report our operations transparently in accordance with international accounting standards and the corporate governance of listed Finnish companies, and prepare our sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI framework. In 2016, we took part for the second time in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) which evaluates the sustainability of operations in the real estate industry. We received four out of five stars and renewed the best possible rating, i.e. Green Star.

For the good of society

We took part in the development of housing and the real estate industry in various associations. SATO is represented in the Board of Directors, the executive group of housing and many committees of RAKLI. SATO is also represented in the Boards of Directors of Suomen Asuntoliitto ry (Finnish Housing Association) and Asuntoreformiyhdistys ry (Finnish Housing Reform Association). Being a member of the Helsinki region chamber of commerce and being represented in its various bodies, SATO is identifying the needs of business life in the Helsinki metropolitan area for housing and is involved in the improvement of construction preconditions for new rental apartments.

Together with cities, partners and other stakeholders, we are developing vital new residential areas.

Sustainability objectives and actions

Sustainability objectives and their fulfilment presents a summary of our sustainability objectives and actions, and their connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Next year, we will focus on developing customer services and affordable housing concepts, offering more preventive occupational healthcare, monitoring the quality of our supply chain and increasing transparency by developing communications and reporting.

In addition to our environmental objectives, we are committed to the goals of the climate partnership with the City of Helsinki and the energy efficiency agreement in the real estate industry.


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