SATO’s stakeholders include parties affected by our operations, as well as parties whose operations affect the company directly or indirectly. Interaction with stakeholders promotes the identification of material aspects to business and corporate responsibility, the definition of goals and their attainment. Our strategic goals support the wellbeing and goals of our stakeholders.

Identification of stakeholder groups, development of stakeholder work and assessment of operations are included in strategy work, management and plans of operations. Main stakeholders were identified on the basis of internal analysis. The analysis took into account the impacts of cooperation on implementation of the strategy and on achieving the goals, as well as on the ability to produce together added value for both parties and other stakeholders.

The main stakeholders include customers, personnel, owners and financiers, partners and service providers as well as society.

Key themes for stakeholders Impact on SATO's operations Stakeholder engagement and channels for interaction Level of impact
Correct price-quality ratio for homes Home-specific pricing, maintaining the condition of properties and
homes, continuous market benchmarking, service development
Customer surveys and feedback, social media,, tenant meetings, resident forum * * *
Fluent services to customers and customer engagement in development activities Digital services, diverse service channels Customer service and feedback,, social media, resident forum * * *
Sustainable investment Maintaining profitability, growth, sustainable operating methods Investor and financier meetings, financial reports, bulletins, GRI reporting, GRESB *
Transparent operations Good and transparent governance and communications Meetings, website, reviews *
Sustainable investment Maintaining profitability, value increase, sustainable operating methods Strategic work, shareholder meetings, annual general meeting, board meetings, financial reports, bulletins, GRI reporting, GRESB *
Transparent operations Good and transparent governance and communications Meetings, website, reviews *
Good management Development of the management system, supervisory work and corporate culture Board work, strategic work *
Wellbeing at work Extensive healthcare services for all SATO employees in Finland, early intervention model, support for exercise and recreational activities, occupational safety Personnel events, performance appraisals, interaction with supervisors, cooperation teams between the personnel and employer, engagement in exercise and recreational activities, activities of the labour protection committee and industrial safety delegates *
Inspiring company culture, management and supervisory work Training for supervisors, training in self-management and interaction skills Performance appraisals, personnel surveys, measurement of management behaviour, rewarding of personnel *
Competence development Training opportunities, coaching, mentoring, job rotation Performance appraisals, personnel surveys, SATO's work and development groups, engagement of the personnel in strategic work and operational planning, training sessions *
Partners and service providers
Sustainable procurement principles Centralised procurement, long-term partnership and service agreements, purchasing guidelines and criteria, quality control, instructions for preventing the grey economy Bidding processes, negotiations, agreements and guidelines, steering and work groups for cooperation with partners, general development projects in the real estate industry, supplier audits *
Development of rental housing Provision and development of high-quality homes and associated services, planning development, active interaction with different stakeholders, activities in industrial associations Cooperation with authorities,  participation in general projects in the real estate industry * *
Reduction of adverse impact caused by climate change Energy efficiency objectives and actions, commitments with the state and the City of Helsinki Cooperation with authorities, participation in general projects in the real estate industry * *

Group level *, Group and property level **, Group, property and home level ***