Benefits from complementary construction

Complementary construction offers one way to increase the number of reasonably priced apartments. SATO has pending complementary construction planning projects for 2,000 apartments and potential projects for 1,500 apartments. Sped up by the construction of new buildings, residents are able to move in to a new apartment in a familiar area.


Together with the City of Helsinki, we launched a complementary zoning process in Kontula in autumn 2015 regarding the plots of some residential buildings owned by SATO.

Residents engaged in the development of Kontula

During the zoning process, residents of neighbouring buildings were able to have an impact on the plans during public events where they provided us with valuable information about what they consider to be important. The participation and assessment plan was on display in spring 2016, when the city also arranged an event for residents.

New apartments give more options

The residents who took part in our events in Kontula considered complementary construction to be a positive aspect. The residents appreciate the options made available by new buildings, for example, in terms of lifts and accessibility. Many residents want to continue living in Kontula, even if their housing needs change, and they are attracted by modern apartments. We will ask SATO's current residents for their ideas for improvement, for example, regarding their outdoor areas and waste collection points.

SATO to have 170 new apartments on existing plots in Kontula.

Complementary construction in Kontula will allow SATO to build approximately 170 new homes. The objective is to reach legal validity for the plan change in summer 2017 and to complete the project in 2018–2020.





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