"In our vision healthy people live in vibrant cities, and this is what we focused on during the year 2017"

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The best service, from people to people

SATO takes customer service seriously – and for a good reason. The quality, ease and safety of living have a major impact on people’s well-being.

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Service Manager Piia is part of residents’ daily lives: “I solve problems to make the building feel like home”

The morning has been busy for Service Manager Piia Matilainen. It’s only ten o’clock, but she has already checked a... Read more

Tips from Tiina, a recycling enthusiast: ”Make sorting waste easy for yourself – it’ll make you feel good!”

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Intelligent services for residents

Katri Korhonen lives in a SATO building in the Sörnäinen district of Helsinki. For her, digital services are a natural... Read more

Happy and social living in StudioHome

The fully packed StudioHome common area is buzzing on a Tuesday evening in December. Olli Järvenkylä, the building’s... Read more

Housing support from the resident’s perspective

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Housing advisory services lend a helping hand

How should waste be sorted? How can I get an electricity contract? Who could help me with using the laundry room... Read more

SATO in brief

As our customer, you get a home the way you want

We are all part of a world that is increasingly shaped by digitalization and urbanization, in which the importance of sustainability and the sustainable development of our choices is greater than before. At SATO, we too work in accordance with these values.

We think that as cities and people change, housing must likewise change. Homes, city blocks, and the city itself form the foundation of a good life. We want to build thriving cities where people can enjoy a high level of well-being. The city of the future is built by listening and asking. Tell us: How do you want to live, and what could we in SATO do even better?

Our goal is to revolutionize housing and provide our customers with more than just walls. Together with our customers we are creating new services in digital and everyday environments to help increase a sense of community and build a good life. We are improving our customer service, designing and engaging in complementary construction in Finnish cities, as well as developing new housing solutions and boldly experimenting with new ways of living.

We will continue this work in line with our values in 2018: aiming high, being a human to another human, and making sure that all our activities are always carried out with ease and express the joy of expertise.

What kind of city and home would you like to live in?

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Facts about us

280.1 MEUR

Net sales

€3.6 bn

Fair value of housing assets

52.1 %

Solvency ratio

188.4 MEUR

Net rental income




SATO homes

96.8 %

Financial occupancy rate

28.9 %

External tenant turnover