Sustainability is part of our daily work

Sustainability is evident in our day-to-day work in many ways. Our operations are based on legislation and our values and guidelines. We comply with approved international accounting standards and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code in general reporting, and with the GRI framework and our own guidelines and principles in sustainability reporting.

SATOs most important guidelines and principles include its Code of Conduct, values, sustainability policy, environmental programme and guidelines for preventing the grey economy, as well as its procurement, financing, risk management and disclosure policies and its HR management principles and stakeholder policy.


The Group’s management team processes all key corporate management matters, such as those related to the Group’s strategy, budget, investments, operational planning and financial reporting. The management team is also responsible for executing the Board of Directors’ decisions. Within the management team, the Vice President of Development is responsible for matters related to sustainability. SATOs units has its own management team, which is responsible for the preparation and execution of matters.

Chief Development Officer is responsible for sustainability issues  in the management team. Sustainability work is planned and coordinated by the sustainability working group, which meets quarterly. The working group is responsible for preparing the main guidelines and determining the target level for sustainability work, in addition to preparing a suggestion for the action plan. It is also responsible for sustainability communications within SATO in cooperation with the communications department, and for preparing propositions concerning sustainability matters for the Group’s management team. Practical measures and development goals related to sustainability are included in the action plan of each of SATOs units. The sustainability working group monitors the implementation of these measures and the achievement of these goals.

Environmental management principles and responsibilities at SATO are described in its environmental programme.

Key guidelines and principles related to corporate responsibility at SATO are described in the table below. These are applied to all material topics related to sustainability and to monitoring supply chain operations.

In 2017, we started the development of sustainability management principles and their compilation into SATO’s sustainability manual. This development work will continue in 2018.


At the beginning of 2017, SATO introduced its new Code of Conduct and the related whistleblowing channel for our employees and stakeholders. This reform supports profitability in the long term, based on ethically sound and sustainable operating methods with regard to the economy, people, society and the environment. We are passionate about our contribution to the provision of rental apartments for people who need them. We work to keep reinventing ourselves for our customers’ benefit.

Our Code of Conduct, values and management culture lay the framework for SATOs operating methods and encourages sustainable business operations. When we encounter challenges in our day-to-day work, we remember that our business operations and success are founded on legal compliance and sustainable, ethically sound operating methods. We regularly provide training for our existing and new employees on operating methods based on the Code of Conduct and the related compliance guidelines.


The purpose of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to increase openness and transparency in handling personal information, and to strengthen individuals' rights to control the handling of their personal information by securing personal data protection of i.e. online services. The starting point of the regulation is that the protection of personal information during data handling is a right that everyone has, and this is also a guiding principle for us at SATO.

SATO began to implement operating principles in line with the GDPR in autumn 2016, when we carried out data protection studies. We have updated our related documents and provided our employees with training on compliance with the renewed data protection practices. We also expect our partners to process personal data responsibly. The GDPR will come into effect across the EU in May 2018.

SATO's principles of responsible management

Vision Mission Strategy Objectives
Key sustainability topics at SATO Operating principles/policies Management methods Strategic objective
A home to fit your life Investment criteria, planning guidelines, service principles Customers, SATO homes Continuously improving Net Promoter Score, profitability
Delightful service Customer promises, service principles, partnership control principles, good renting practices Customers, Partners, Customer service Continuously improving Net Promoter Score
Growth and profitability Investment criteria, financing policy, risk management principles, sustainability policy Financing, Risk management Profitability
Energy efficiency Environmental programme, planning instructions, sustainability policy Environment Profitability
Apartments in key locations IInvestment criteria, environmental programme Environment, Property development Profitability
Customers engagement in  development activities Stakeholder policy, sustainability policy Customers, Deeper customer relationships Continuously improving Net Promoter Score
Active stakeholder relations Stakeholder policy, HR management principles, partnership control principles, sustainability policy Stakeholders, Personnel, Customers, Partners Continuously improving Net Promoter Score
Transparent practices Code of Conduct, disclosure policy, good corporate governance, insider guidelines, data privacy guidelines, corporate governance statement, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing Sustainable operating principles, Risk management, Value creation Continuously improving Net Promoter Score, profitability
Sustainable supply chain Procurement policy, Code of Conduct, guidelines for preventing the grey economy, guidelines for preventing money laundering, related party guidelines, stakeholder policy, cooperation agreements, sustainability policy Partners Continuously improving Net Promoter Score, profitability
Inspiring corporate culture HR management principles, Code of Conduct, sustainability policy Personnel, Partners, Sustainable operating principles Committed employees
Evolving competence HR management principles Personnel Committed employees