What our stakeholders expect

Our key stakeholders include our customers, employees, shareholders, financiers, partners and service providers, as well as the authorities and other operators in society.

SATOs stakeholders include parties affected by our operations, as well as parties whose operations affect us directly or indirectly. Interaction with stakeholders helps us identify material topics to business operations and corporate responsibility. It also helps us define our goals and achieve them. Our strategic targets support our stakeholders’ goals and well-being.

SATOs sustainability and stakeholder work is guided by sustainability materiality assessment. With regard to sustainability themes, we develop our operations in line with our strategy and stakeholders’ expectations.

Identification of interest groups, development of stakeholder work and assessment of operations are included in our strategy work, management and action plans. Our main stakeholders were identified based on internal analysis. The analysis took into account the effects of cooperation on strategy implementation and on achieving the goals, as well as on the ability to create added value for both parties and other stakeholders.


When our customers' life situations change, they find a new home from our range of apartments and can live in a SATO home throughout their lives. Competent employees committed to common goals play a particularly important role in our ability to reach our goals. Meaningful work combined with an open and inspiring corporate culture and well-being at work, are directly reflected in the customer experience, and vice versa.

We work to be a competitive and sustainably managed investment for our shareholders and investors. We expect our partners to operate responsibly, and we engage in continuous dialogue to enhance the efficiency of our operations and improve customers’ perceived quality. We work to have a positive impact on the development of society, business and industry through urbanisation.

We contribute to the development of the housing and real estate sectors through our participation in organisations and the FIBS network for corporate social responsibility. SATO is represented on the board of directors, the executive group of housing and many committees of the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI). In addition SATO is also represented on the board of directors of the Finnish Housing Reform Association. As a member of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and being represented in its various bodies, SATO is identifying the housing needs of business and industry in the Helsinki metropolitan area and is involved in creating more favourable conditions for the construction of new rental apartments.

The following table illustrates our interaction with our key stakeholder groups:

Key themes for stakeholders Impact on SATO's operations Stakeholder engagement and channels for interaction Level of impact
A home to fit your life Location strategy, maintenance of the properties and apartments, continuous market benchmarking, continuous rent monitoring, concept and service development Customer surveys and feedback, social media, sato.fi, resident meetings, resident forum ***
Delightful service and the involvement of customers in operational development Development of digital services, diverse service channels, cooperation with residents, training for employees Customer surveys and feedback, sato.fi, newsletter, social media, resident meetings, resident forum, customer panel ***
Transparent practices Increased meetings, publications, development of customer communication, centralisation of contacts in the customer service department Meetings, such as building-specific meet-ups, maintenance visits, monthly newsletter, social media, sato.fi, resident meetings, resident forum ***
Sustainable investment object Maintained profitability, growth, sustainable operating methods, equity ratio, liquidity, interest margin, credit rating Investor, financier and credit rating meetings, financial reports, bulletins, GRI reporting, GRESB *
Transparent practices Good and transparent governance and communications Meetings, sato.fi, financial reports, Nasdaq Helsinki publication system *
Responsible investment, growth and profitability Maintaining profitability, value increase, sustainable operating methods Strategy work, shareholder meetings, annual general meeting, board meetings, financial reports, bulletins, GRI reporting, GRESB *
Transparent practices Good and transparent governance and communications Meetings, sato.fi, financial reports *
Good management Development of the management system, supervisory work and corporate culture Board work, strategy work, supervisory work and training, performance appraisals, personnel surveys, cooperation teams between the employees and employer *
Well-being at work, meaningful work Extensive healthcare services for all SATO employees in Finland, early intervention model, support for exercise and recreational activities, occupational safety, clear job descriptions and goals Personnel events, performance appraisals, interaction with supervisors, cooperation teams between the employees and employer, occupational safety, exercise and recreational activities, operations of the OHS committee and OHS representatives *
Inspiring corporate culture, good management and supervisory work Training for supervisors, training in self-management and interaction skills Performance appraisals, personnel surveys, measurement of management behaviour, remuneration for employees *
Evolving competence Training opportunities, coaching, job rotation Performance appraisals, personnel surveys, SATO’s working and development groups, engagement of employees in strategic work and operational planning, training events *
Partners and service providers      
Sustainable supply chain Centralised purchases, long-term partnership and service agreements, purchasing guidelines and criteria, quality control, prevention of the grey economy Competitive bidding, negotiations, agreements and guidelines, steering and working groups for cooperation with partners, participation in general development projects in the real estate industry, supply chain audits


Development of rental housing Provision of solutions in response to current needs, provision and development of high-quality apartments and associated services, planning development, active interaction with stakeholders, participation in industrial associations Cooperation with authorities, partners and residents, engagement of the personnel in innovation activities and process development, participation in general projects in the real estate industry **
Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency Energy efficiency and emission targets and reduction measures, commitments with the state and the City of Helsinki Cooperation with partners and residents, participation in general projects in the real estate industry **
Group level * Group and property level ** Group, property and home level ***  

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