We are present in our customers’ daily lives

In 2017, we wholeheartedly focused on our Customer First programme, which lies at the core of our strategy. We wanted to serve our customers even better than before, and to keep in touch with them more frequently.

In spring 2017, we updated the traditional concept of building management and integrated building management services into our operations. We had previously acquired such services from outside the company. We hired around 40 new professionals for this and other customer service work.

“It’s always easy to deal with the service manager.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

In SATO’s new Customer First organisation, building management services are divided between service managers and directors, apartment inspectors, infrastructure managers and building services managers. Together with customer service professionals and housing and rental advisors, these professionals are closest to our customers’ daily lives. However, during the review period, the Customer First approach became a priority throughout our organisation.

Service managers know the residents of their buildings

SATOs service managers are responsible for getting to know the residents of their buildings as well as possible and taking care of their well-being.

They visit their buildings frequently and organise events where the residents can discuss everything related to housing with them.

Customer service advisors solve problems and offer housing advice

In addition to rethinking our service organisation, we renewed our customer service operations to ensure a more comprehensive approach. Our new ticketing system enables our customer service professionals to ensure that problems are solved within a set time frame. In accordance with the one-contact principle, one person monitors the entire process, until the resident is provided with an answer to their question.

We made our customer service professionals’ job titles more multifaceted, moved to better facilities and recruited more customer service employees. We also held an open-doors event to offer all our employees an opportunity to learn about day-to-day customer service.

In 2017, SATOs customer service department responded to 114,090 telephone calls and 39,224 emails. The number of chat contacts on sato.fi was 7,156 and we responded to 5,662 messages on Facebook.

To implement our Customer First programme, we hired more than 40 people in 2017.

During 2017, we also trained everyone working for SATO to communicate with our customers in accordance with our tone of voice – lively and warm.

Customer first in property maintenance

After the renewal of our service model in the spring, we wanted to make sure that our residents also come first in property maintenance. We organised a competitive bidding process for property maintenance companies, with the main requirement being that the company is able to operate in accordance with our Customer First programme.

In the autumn, we provided property maintenance employees with induction training on our approach. Such training was provided to around 160 people.

Easier removal days

Removals are happy, exciting and often also stressful events. The resident’s mind is full of questions, and the new apartment keeps them busy: they have to put together bookshelves, hang art on the walls, hang lights from the ceiling and so on.

SATO has invested significantly in ensuring smoothly running removals to new buildings:

  • In four new buildings, we made our residents’ daily lives easier by establishing a pop-up customer service point in their buildings. Our customer service professionals answered questions and solved problems.
  • The service manager is present to help with hanging pictures and lights, for example, during the first few weeks in a new building.

We take good care of homes and buildings

A pleasant, well-managed building and yard have a positive effect on the residents’ daily lives and level of satisfaction. Our property maintenance services ensure that our apartments maintain their condition and value.

SATO is responsible for the management of apartment maintenance and for ordering major repairs. We acquire maintenance and cleaning services from maintenance companies, and supervise the quality of maintenance ourselves. We monitor the consumption of energy and water in our apartments, and we implement measures that improve energy efficiency, in cooperation with our service providers.

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