We offer more than just walls

We want to create long-term partnerships with our customers and provide them with more than just walls. We aim for deeper customer relationships by making people’s daily lives easier and supporting their well-being.

We request feedback from our customers on our operations during different stages of the relationship. Based on this feedback, we further develop our services and operating methods. This continuous work is highly rewarding.

“I’m always glad to help other residents, and it’s nice to know that if I run out of baking paper, for example, one of the neighbours will always help. A sense of community is important. It makes the area feel safer and even more pleasant.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

Customer benefits bring savings and joy

We provide our customers with valuable benefits. In 2017, in cooperation with our partners, we offered a diverse range of products and services at special prices: insurance policies, removal services, music lessons, electricity and healthcare services, to name just a few examples. In addition, in nearly all SATO homes, the rent includes a high-speed broadband connection. We aim to further increase our selection of attractive customer benefits.

We talk, share and listen

To listen to our customers more intently, we introduced the mobile SATO Pulssi resident panel in spring 2017. The panel enables our residents to affect the development of housing solutions and the related services. The response rates are high. We have asked the members for their opinions on waste management, design and community, among other aspects.

During the review period, we issued six postal newsletters and ten online newsletters to provide our residents with information about current affairs and content related to housing and living.

We encourage our customers to communicate with us on social media and in the service chat on our website at sato.fi. Our website was revamped during the review period, and its number of visitors increased to 3,9 million.

Small joys and major experiences

Shared experiences create stronger partnerships. In 2017, we held a wide range of customer events, from meetings with service managers at our buildings to a tour of events with Jyrki Sukula, one of Finland’s best-known chefs.

Our largest customer event of the year was a show by Sirkus Finlandia in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere, which attracted nearly 1,200 residents to spend time together and enjoy a magical atmosphere.

In the autumn, we organised invitational showings of The Unknown Soldier, with more than 1,000 residents enjoying the film.

On Valentine’s Day – or as Finns prefer to call it, “friendship day” – we delighted long-standing residents, as well as residents actively participating in resident activities, with a special event and flowers.

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