Cities and people are changing – so must the housing sector

Growing cities are home to people with different cultural backgrounds and values. With trends changing cities and people, the housing sector also needs to change. We develop housing concepts so that we are able to offer attractive and affordable homes for people today and in the future.

There is a great need for affordable homes, as housing is a significant expense for consumers. It is challenging, but not impossible, to reduce living costs within the regulatory framework on residential construction and considering the taxes and expenses related to housing. Complementary construction is a good way to rapidly increase the supply of affordable homes.

In the development of affordable solutions, we never compromise on quality. Instead, we rethink the way in which space is used in homes and buildings. The SATO StudioHome building is a good example of this. This entirely new type of apartment building was completed during the review period.

During 2017, we also designed the ToiveKoti concept aimed at standardised production. In cooperation with partners, we seek to identify production solutions that enable us to offer more affordable homes, especially in areas suitable for complementary construction.

“I love my neighbours. We are always there for one another.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

A new type of communal living

The SATO StudioHome building, an entirely new type of apartment building, was completed in Martinlaakso in Vantaa in December 2017. The concept attracted a great deal of interest. The building has 68 compact, affordable homes, in addition to a top-floor sauna with a terrace, a spacious laundry room and a shared living room for the residents.

We were able to offer reasonably priced apartments by reducing the volume of private space and increasing that of shared space. The pleasant shared facilities serve as a living room where residents can meet and spend time with one another. The floor area of a SATO StudioHome is 15.5 square metres. In addition, each home has a sleeping loft of 6.3 square metres, close to full standing height.

Cities have a growing number of single-person and two-person households whose residents have active and mobile lifestyles.

This new form of housing inspired us to find ways to increase communication and shared activities among residents. For this reason, we hired a community manager to increase interaction in the SATO StudioHome building.

The StudioHome residents are a diverse group of people in terms of nationality and profession, including employees, business owners and students from a broad range of fields.

A sense of community might prevent loneliness and increases the enjoyment of living.

Cooperation inspires and increases understanding

In its development of new concepts and services, SATO studies trends, listens to its customers and encourages its residents to come up with ideas and plans.

In the early stages of a project, we identify the right partners and find out what our stakeholders – customers, partners, authorities and decision makers – think about which might help us in our development process. This ensures that we are moving in the right direction – towards new types of homes.

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