We provide homes for customers and rental housing for society

People need homes, and our growing society needs rental housing. SATO cooperates in many ways with the authorities and partners involved in its customer service chain. Through effective service chain management, we create high-quality homes and real value for customers.

Our goal is to meet customers’ and society’s housing-related needs and take good care of our customers and their homes.

Service chain

We lay the foundation for residential construction

People want homes that meet their specific needs. This is why we want to provide a diverse range of high-quality rental apartments. Through careful acquisition of land and forward-looking town plan development, we lay the foundation for the construction of apartments that meet the demand.

Our goal is to meet the growing need for rental apartments in cities.

The cities are responsible for local plans, and SATO participates in the local plan development process in the capacity of an expert, and uses consultants as special experts when necessary.

We further develop our range of apartments

We acquire and build new rental apartments, renovate our existing homes to meet our customers’ needs and improve energy efficiency.

New rental apartments in growth areas increase the mobility of labour and facilitate urbanisation. We work with architects and specialists when designing apartments, and we order construction work from contractors and supervisory activities from consultants. To ensure high quality, SATO controls the design work and inspects the completed homes or has them inspected.

We purchase existing apartments from other property owners.

“What do I like best about my home? The brand-new surfaces, wonderful view and good connections.”
–SATO's customer

We help customers find a home

We want to understand our customers and find them homes that meet their individual needs. Customer service begins with marketing and our FindHome online service. Our customer service specialists ensure that the customer finds the perfect home and is able to move in smoothly. Our aim is to have satisfied customers and to serve them quickly.

The rental and marketing of apartments are mainly in-house functions. If SATO does not have an organisation in a specific region, one of its partners will offer rental services.

We take good care of our customers

It is important to us that people enjoy living in our homes. Residents' well-being is ensured by the service manager of the building in cooperation with our customer service department and our partners, such as maintenance companies and other service providers.

We take good care of homes and buildings

A pleasant, well-managed building and yard have a positive effect on residents’ daily lives and level of satisfaction. Our property maintenance services ensure that our apartments maintain their condition and value.

SATO is responsible for the management of apartment maintenance and for ordering major repairs. We acquire maintenance and cleaning services from maintenance companies, and supervise the quality of the maintenance ourselves. We monitor the consumption of energy and water in our apartments, and we implement measures that improve energy efficiency, in cooperation with our service providers.

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