A SATO home is more than just walls

Safe and functional rental apartments make residents’ daily lives easier. SATO wants to meet its residents’ needs and make their lives run more smoothly by providing more than just walls: services, a sense of community, customer events, valuable benefits and opportunities to make a difference.

We want to provide our around 48,000 residents with more than just rental apartments: we want to be part of their lives, bringing joy and providing help and value for their money. This is why we study trends and our customers’ needs.

“New surfaces and modern features: fixed LED lights, an Internet connection in each room, modern taps.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

In recent years, the proportion of living costs out of total income has increased and demand for smaller apartments has grown. People want homes that meet their specific needs, with a good quality-to-price ratio. For this reason, we want to provide our customers with a diverse range of high-quality rental apartments. Our rental operations and constant communication with our customers help us understand their needs and enable us to ensure that our apartment stock meets current needs.

In 2017, we took major steps towards building a stronger sense of community in our operations. We hired a Housing Adviser to solve resident's issues and established the SATO Pulssi resident panel.

Introduced in the spring, our Customer First service model was the most significant change implemented during the year. Our new customer-driven approach to customer service and building management has already created value for our residents, which is most evident in the decrease in our turnover rate. In 2018, we intend to make our Customer First service model familiar across the service chain – to all of our partners involved in customer service.

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A reliable lessor

SATO wants to be worth its residents’ trust. Our main operational principles include reliability and responsibility. We take care of our customers’ information security and invest in the continuous development of our services and housing solutions.

Our Code of Conduct defines the actions of SATO and its employees. We follow good rental practices and respect the privacy of our customers. We are particularly careful when processing personal information and payment data covered by privacy laws and regulations. Only designated employees are allowed to process customers’ personal data, and only for predetermined purposes.

We updated our internal guidelines on data privacy in autumn 2017, in line with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. During the reporting year, SATO received no complaints regarding the processing of customer data, and there was no misuse of customer information.

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We shape the future of housing together with our customers

We interact with our customers via various channels and forums. We encourage our customers to participate in discussions, and we also communicate openly about difficult issues.

We hold building-specific, regional and national customer meetings. In addition, we select a Customer of the Year – an active resident who brings joy to the neighbourhood. In 2017, the Customer of the Year was a long-standing resident who actively participates in resident activities in Helsinki.

SATO has increased dialogue with its customers. In spring 2017, we introduced the mobile SATO Pulssi resident panel to create and test development ideas. We also regularly collect feedback through customer satisfaction surveys, and use their results to improve our operations. Our new feedback procedure enables us to address customer feedback more rapidly than before.

“The panel is a quick and easy way to make a difference.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

Three times a year, SATO meets its customers at its Residents’ Forum to discuss ideas related to housing, neighbourly living and SATOs services.

Our customers are also present in our advertising. In 2017, we continued to share our residents’ stories by means of television and online advertising.

Customer first – a single point of contact principle

During the review period, SATO renewed its customer service by introducing the Customer First service model. Our goal is for our customers to always be provided with the information they need in a timely manner, by the same customer service professional, from the first enquiry all the way to resolution.

We hope that our customers enjoy dealing with us even more than before. We have introduced a service system that enables interaction with customers and partners through various service channels.

The Customer First service model has strengthened and expanded our customer service team’s expertise, created stronger team spirit and promoted even better customer service.

SATO’s customer service department processes around 18,000 customer queries a month, with the first contact resolution rate being 70%.

In new and newly renovated buildings, we make our residents’ daily lives easier by establishing a pop-up customer service point in the stairwell, with our customer service professionals answering questions and solving problems.

We encourage cooperation and spending time together

A sense of community makes it easier for residents to adapt to their new living environment. It also prevents loneliness and increases a feeling of safety in the building and the entire neighbourhood. We promote a strong sense of community by facilitating interaction between residents and encouraging them to participate and act for the common good.

In December 2017, SATO started a pilot project in communal living in its SATO StudioHome building in Vantaa. During the project, we will produce support materials for supervising resident activities, and we will also make use of the related best practices and operating models in other SATO homes.

Residents commit to the shared SATO values when moving in to a SATO home, and we promise to support good relationships between neighbours, maintain public premises in our buildings and provide advice on rent payments.

“A good neighbour respects others, and is considerate and wonderful in every other way too.”
–SATO Pulssi panelist

Shared SATO values

  • Being a good neighbour: I respect my neighbours’ domestic peace and privacy. I follow the building rules and regulations and other jointly agreed rules of conduct.
  • Keeping the environment pleasant: I keep the corridors free and clear of any items or materials and never leave anything behind in any other common areas either. I take special care of keeping the waste container room tidy.
  • Paying rent responsibly: I always pay the rent on time and this way also avoid extra costs.

Help with everyday problems

Increasingly dense and compact urban structures create more diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods. SATO is present in its residents' daily lives – even when things are not running smoothly. In the review period, we hired a Housing Adviser to help residents with temporary difficulties.

The Housing Advider helps residents overcome challenges in cleaning, rent payments or relationships with neighbours, for example. This enables SATO to address and study such challenges more rapidly and to prevent these situations from recurring more effectively.

This experiment encouraged us to integrate housing advisory services permanently in our operations. In 2018, we will continue to expand these services, to provide our residents with the support they need, as comprehensively as possible.

Customer's path

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