In thriving cities people enjoy a high level of well-being

SATO operates responsibly, applying its Customer First approach. Rental apartments and new investments in growth centres enable sustainable urbanisation and growth in business and industry. We participate in real estate organisations and development projects that promote sustainability, and offer our expertise for the use of decision-makers in society.

Our sustainability work is guided by SATOs strategy and sustainability policy, as well as themes that we have evaluated to be material based on discussions with our stakeholders. More information about these themes and their determination process is available at We have selected our sustainability focus in line with our strategic targets.


We want to have a positive impact on the development of society, business and industry through urbanisation.

We listen to our customers and learn a great deal from them. We monitor customer satisfaction in different phases of living, organise resident events and maintain the SATO Pulssi resident panel. Our extensive network of partners also contributes to our residents’ well-being.

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We take care of the financial sustainability of our operations, and take responsibility for our financial impact on our stakeholders and society. Investments create jobs, and the income obtained from this work is used to buy products and services or to make new investments.

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SATO designs and develops new, vibrant residential areas in cooperation with cities, partners, residents and other stakeholders. We mainly build new rental apartments in urban structures with excellent connections and services. This reduces the environmental impact of construction and living.

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SATO wants to provide competitive and sustainable investment opportunities. We communicate and report our operations transparently in accordance with international accounting standards and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, and prepare our sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI framework.

We require our suppliers to operate sustainably in terms of work environments, occupational safety and environmental responsibility. SATOs procurement team selects suppliers that are able to create value and good customer experiences for our customers.

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We are involved in the development of rental housing and real estate development in industry organizations and we engage in open dialogue with industry stakeholders to promote sustainable urban development in the metropolitan area and to improve demand for housing.

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ease and joy OF EXPERTISE

Competent employees committed to common goals play a particularly important role in our ability to reach our goals. Defined by our employees, SATOs values lay the foundation for our operating methods.

Meaningful work, combined with an open and inspiring corporate culture and well-being at work, are directly reflected in the customer experience, and vice versa. We monitor employee satisfaction through a personnel satisfaction survey and performance appraisals.

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In the review period, we focused on improving energy efficiency and to reducing water consumption. The impact of these investments shows in reduced consumption in the long-term. We will continue to improve our energy monitoring and investements also in 2018 based on our sustainability goals. In addition to our environmental targets, we are committed to the goals of the climate partnership with the City of Helsinki and the energy efficiency agreement in the real estate sector.

In 2018, we will also focus on developing residential and digital services, and on offering more preventive occupational healthcare, enhancing the sorting of waste by residents, monitoring the quality of our supply chain and increasing transparency by developing communications and reporting. We will compile the goals and key measures of our sustainability operations in SATOs sustainability programme.

A summary of our sustainability goals and measures, and their connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is presented on the Achievement of goals 2017 page.

To further develop its operations, SATO participates in national and international sustainability comparisons. In 2017, we took part in the development of an environmental responsibility reporting recommendation for Finnish real estate investors in cooperation with KTI Property Information and the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI). The recommendation was piloted with ten pioneering companies. We also took part in KTI’s annual study on sustainable real estate business operations and sustainability barometer.

In the review period, we participated in the international Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark comparison for the third time and achieved three stars, or the Green Star level. As in the previous years, we received positive feedback on our comprehensive energy monitoring system and on our setting and monitoring of goals. In 2018, we will focus on stakeholder interaction and in particular, on the integration of our environmental responsibility goals into our strategy. We aim to make a comeback to the four-star level in the next Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark comparison.


The aim of this sustainability report is to openly provide our stakeholders with information about our operations, to create value for them in the short, medium and long terms.

The content of the 2017 sustainability report was determined from the materiality analysis results and the requirements of the GRI Standards. The 11 material topics identified based on the materiality analysis are included in this report. The effects of the material topics on stakeholders are defined under Customers, Personnel, Partners, Environment  and Financial sustainability. The material topics and their boundaries can be found in the GRI section under Material topics and boundaries.

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