Vitality for cities and people


SATO wants to have a positive impact on the development of society, business and industry through urbanisation.

Our growing, diverse range of apartments makes it easier for people to relocate for work, and complementary construction brings vitality to old residential areas. We develop housing for the changing needs of society. We employ people directly and indirectly. Taxes and public utility fees generate direct financial value for society.


SATO creates well-being for its customers by offering a diverse range of rental apartments, as well as related services and benefits. For our employees, we offer meaningful work, occupational well-being services and a competitive salary. We create value for our shareholders through dividends and changes in the value of apartments. We provide our dynamic network of partners with assignments, and we pay for all work completed.


We reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by improving energy efficiency in our apartments, encouraging our residents to recycle and investing in sites with good public transportation connections.

More information about value creation for stakeholders is provided under Business operations and SATOs value creation.

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The best service, from people to people

SATO takes customer service seriously – and for a good reason. The quality, ease and safety of living have a major impact on people’s well-being.

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Value creation model